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Fixation OST Release!

2012-04-09 01:49:08 by thedavidcarney

Fixation, the prequel toThe Company of Myself, is live on here on Newgrounds!
Play it.
Listen to it. (and buy it if you want :D )

Fixation OST Release!


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2012-04-10 20:18:57

Dude, I absolutely love it, but I don't hve a credit card, any chance you can get this up on iTunes?

thedavidcarney responds:

How bout a free download code instead? :) 4ysb-k2zw Use it here

Lemme know if someone grabs this before you see it and I'll pm you a new one.


2012-04-10 21:20:58

Maaaan that was a good game and your music only made it better. I consider myself kind of lucky for not looking into it until after I beat it because finding out it was related to A Company of Myself was kind of a pleasant shock.

thedavidcarney responds:

Thanks man! I totally hear you, I wish I could wipe my memory and play Fixation first to see what that is like. Even though I knew the scene at the end was coming, it still blew my mind the first time I got to that level. Eli rules at what he does.